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Itapack Stretch Sleeve Labeling Machine

Stretch Sleeve Labeling

Labeling machine using Stretch Sleeve technology, applying labels made of linear lower density polyethylene (LDPE film, with elastic properties).
The stretch label, which has physical and practical qualities , makes it very attractive to consumers and beneficial for different fields producers.

Why choosing an Itapack Labeling?

itapack Stretch Sleeve Label

Stretch Sleeve Label

GLUE – LESS , is not required any glue application to held the label on place
COLD APPLICATION, shrinking or heating of the container are not required
The environmentally friendliest and sustainable solution for R-PET and recycling operations.


The sleeve can be applied on a wide range of plastic containers ( PET,PE,PVC, PP, HDPE), glass, metal barrels, drums . The containers can be empty or filled and wet or dry.
Such as in humid production area, the stretch sleeve results an excellent labeling choice seen the container’s dryer is not required .

Markets Products
Food & Dairy
Home Care & Laundry
Personal Care
PET/ Hdpe bottles, cylindrical, square and rectangular shape, small & medium sizes.
Drums, cans, and crates, medium & big sizes.


  • Waterproof resistance, the sleeve is not affected by condensation and wet conditions during the operations and storage
  • Free from label detachment , seen that glue is not utilized and the sleeve comes from a pre-welded tubular
  • Long life shelf appeal , the aspect of the sleeve remain unchanged also during the handling at home
  • Excellent resistance to aging and oxidation due to UV rays


The containers are labelled in continuous mode by the applying heads synchronised with the bottle’s transport conveyor.
The sleeve application cycle is tailored to the specific container format to be worked.
It is possible to obtain a high precision in the positioning of the sleeves and a complete determination on the orientation of the sleeve
on the bottle.
The adoption of a fully servomotor driven technology allows for high performances and the highest flexibility on format changeover.
ITAPACK adopts the state-of- the art technology on multiple axis control available on the market (A&B, Siemens, Omron).

Here below a range of models specially developed for application on PET and Hdpe bottles for small and medium sizes, covering a range of production speed from 3000 to 15.000 bottles per hour.

Machine model KSL50 KSL100 KSL200 KSL300
Speed (up to) 50 bpm 60/80 bpm 120/160 bpm 180/240 bpm

Itapacks range includes labeling machines able to run many containers’ types also big sizes and special shapes, different technical solutions are available on demand.