The Bundling machine KMT performs the realization of carton’s multi-packs , by mean the application of self adhesive tape strips.
The Bundling tape is specially realized for this application with easy-removal features . BOPP base material coated with solvent-less adhesive, it can be transparent or decorated with promotional messages.

Common bundles are built with 2, 3 or 4 liquid packs (as Brik, Rex, Prisma, Gable Top and others) for application on dairy products, liquid cream, juices and nectars, food, still drinks and wine&spirits. Volume ranging from 100 ml portion pack all over the way up to 2000 ml family packages, with a wide range of tops and openings.
The same machine concept can be utilized to bundle a variety of products as food in box, PET bottles, soft bags, vacuum bags, hygienic products.
A self adhesive handle can be applied on demand , providing the consumer with a simply way to grab & carry any packages (e.g. X2 pack 1000 ml Brik)

Why choosing a Bundling Machine?MULTIPACK 2PACK MULTIPACK 3PACK

  • Reduce over- packaging material
  • Combine taste packages
  • Increase Primary Brand exposure
  • Comply with last reduction trends on packaging impact
  • Small footprint
  • Low energy consumption
  • Flexible for choice of different layouts


The system operates by mean 3 different stations :

  • Pack Selecting : the packs are selected and clustered in the requested groups (2- 3-4 units)
  • Bundle Taping Unit: the applying arms stick the bundle tape around the packs in order to obtain the selling unit
  • Handle Applying Unit (on Option) : a self adhesive handle is applied onto the multipack where an easy grab & carry is required.

To work swiftly and efficiently

Operators interface is easy and intuitive trough a touch-screen panel and ground level
access to essential working parts. Quick change technology makes it possible to switch
production between different packages .

For application on the portion pack and on family carton package (e.g.Brik), we propose two standard machine’s models, according to the different speed .

Machine models KMT-1 KMT-2
SPEED (up to) 60ppm 120 bpm
Overall dimensions (mm) 4000×1100
5000×1100 (with handle applicator)
5500×2400 (with handle applicator)

Customized applications on other products such as food in box, soft and vacuum bags, pet food , must be verified according to the packages size&shape and production speed required.