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The KSM series multi packer realizes a multiple package by means of the application of a stretch sleeve label.
The stretch sleeve label is made of a tube of linear low density polyethylene (LDPE) film with elastic properties. It allows a 360-degree graphic coverage with a maximum brand recognition and does not require any glue application or heat process.

The system can be considered as a marketing tool to increase multiple selling, it presents a highly shelf impact with improved brand communications.

It is a sustainable packaging, environment-friendly, embracing the packaging trends that aim to reduce the quantity ofdisposable materials and increase recycling.
Common bundles are built with 2 bottles for application on soft drinks industry. It also offers to the customers the ability to mix product types, which is popular in promotional campaigns for new products.
A self-adhesive carry-handle can be applied, on demand, providing the consumer with a simple way to grab & carry any packages.

Why choosing an Itapack multi packer?

  • Improves brand communication & sales promotion;
  • Increases Primary Brand exposure;
  • Improves impulse purchase and code rotation;
  • Makes the grip of the packaging very comfortable;
  • It is on line with the global packaging trend on recyclable and light packages;
  • Enrichs & innovates packaging;
  • Easier & faster logistic operation for shelf filler replenishment;
  • Capacity to mix product types;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Easy installation on any line layout.
Machine model KSM50 KSM100 KSM200 KSM300
Speed (up to) 50 bpm 80 bpm 160 bpm 240 bpm

Itapack proposes four standard machine models, according to the different speed. Other customized solutions are available on demand according to the products to be clustered.