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Itapack designs and manufactures automatic packaging machines in the consumer goods market.
Established in 2011, is an Italian company,  operating globally, providing customers with premium, innovation-based solutions for packaging. Itapack is a young company composed of people with a great back-ground experience in all the different areas of the packaging industry.


Innovation, safety, reliability , simply , modularity, conformity to the high standard  are the  integral part of Itapack  R&D resources.
Itapack knowledge  is expressed in the development of new technologies, products, solutions and processes always oriented to the continuous  improvement.  Itapack machines are very reliable and versatile, a wide range of products and formats can be processed. A great attention is paid to the international safety regulations.

Working closely with customers and partners  to grasp existing and emerging needs provides essential input to the designing  process. Different departments  of the organization cooperate in the development of innovative technologies, products, solutions and services to meet or exceed customer expectations. Itapack mission is reduced manufacturing period (fixed and reliable delivery dates)  and minimized equipment commissioning and downtime  leveraging.

Itapack proposes stand-alone machines and also integrated systems for compact production lines. With a proven track record in managing complex projects , Itapack offers the capability for developing tailor-made solutions in the packaging industry all oriented to provide value to our customers.


Itapack machines presents an added value in terms of quality and reliability . These results comes from many years of direct experiences in the packaging sector. Specialized production, back-ground experienced engineers , continuous technological updating, ability to adapt to the different needs of a market in continuous evolution: these are the ingredients contributing to the success of ITAPACK all MADE IN ITALY machines.

The reasons for this success are : a large productive flexibility, combined with ability for technological innovation; client-orientation (machinery designed and built to order). Much attention is given to planning, experimentation and quality control and finally the industrial structure , with its great existing professionalism.
Great attention is paid to the value chain : all businesses and individuals that play a part in the production process, from raw materials suppliers to end customers who buy finished products, are strictly controlled.

The machine are entirely realized on Itapack site thanks to a vertical manufacturing integration of a value chain that undertakes to gain a strategic advantage . Itapack achieves a vertical integration controlling or own elements within a value chain beyond the central manufacturing component.

The realization of the assembly and commissioning of the machinesis carried out by Itapack always with a strictly collaborations with the customer plants in order to minimizing the adjustments that will be made during the final production tests.



Itapack offers its customers a wide range of services in order to keep their installed machines in perfect running condition; these services include technical advice, machine condition inspection and control, installation and start-up, staff training and machine maintenance. 
Itapack proposes customized support services, from telephone support for advice and emergencies to a team of dedicated technicians, who perform on-site interventions in all countries. 
In addition, a remote assistance solution is available on the WEB service and the extensiveness of mobile devices.
Itapack training courses, teach staff to be totally familiar with machines to obtain maximum performance and to facilitate operators work. 

In-depth courses are also available for personnel involved in maintenance, technical intervention and servicing. 

Manuals and spare parts catalogues are available in hard and soft copies. 
Spare parts catalogues in electronic format are constantly updated to include all updates made on machines (size-group change, upgrades, kits, accessories).


From its manufacturing headquarters, Itapack runs a comprehensive spare parts inventory system for all installed machines; all items are manufactured to highest quality standards and the system guarantees rapid delivery times.

Itapack guarantees the supply of original and constantly upgraded spare parts, the ideal solution to ensure perfectly reliable and long-lasting machine performance. These priorities result in increasing quality, response time and spare parts delivery time levels. 

Orders are managed by a specifically dedicated Customer Service team who focus carefully on every customer request.
Tailored service agreement and extended guarantee contract are available on demand.