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ITAPACK produces the widest ranges of Handle Applying machines

The latest generation of Itapack Handle Applicators meets all market needs in terms applications, shape&dimensions of the packaging and speed.

Itapack manufactures the FASTEST handle applying machines on the market

Each machine model is characterized by a servomotor -driven architecture, available in single, double triple lane versions, covering a SPEED RANGE OF UP-TO 130 BPM per each single lane.

All the machine models can be customized for the application of:

  1. TOP HANDLE Traditional application on the top of the packaging
  2. SIDE HANDLE Application at 90°, on the side of the packaging (Ex. 24-can packaging)
  3. OBLIQUE (TILTED) HANDLE Application up to 30° on the packaging (ex. Gallons)
  4. CARTON BOX HANDLE Application on cartons of various dimensions and surfaces
  5. BOTTOM HANDLE Application on the bottom of the packaging (ex. water dispensers)
  6. SPECIAL HANDLE Integration on Stretch Multipack Machine – Bundle Tape Machine

Itapack helps Customers choose the most suitable equipment for his own needs, according to the speed of application and the type of application (application on the top of the packaging, on the side, and so on) and other relevant technical elements.